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Welcome to Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is one of the most popular tourist party destinations in Greece. It is well-known for its beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts, summer party atmosphere and its wild nightlife. I spent one week in Mykonos and I experienced its delicious seafood, glanced at the most beautiful sunsets and had fun at the wildest parties. This is the perfect summer destination for whole lot of fun under the sun!

The travel guide below includes my favourite things to do, itinerary ideas, hotel recommendations, places to eat, sunset bars, beaches, photo locations, travel tips and more.

Mykonos windmills

View from the “180 Sunset Bar”

What to expect in Mykonos:

Language: Greek is the official language, but English is widely spoken.

Currency: Euro (€) is the official currency.

Climate: Beach-worthy season is Mid-May through Mid-October.

Payments: Most of the restaurants and hotels accept credit/bank card payments, but you can also be prepared with some more cash for small purchases: transportation, tips and etc.

Travel Tip: Mykonos is a bit pricier than the other Greek islands, so plan to pay a higher prices at restaurants or accommodation in central or beach areas. Of course, with better research you can always find deals for the best prices.

Getting around Mykonos


The taxis in Mykonos are pretty expensive, so if there are alternatives that you can use, avoid them. Instead, you can use the public buses or the sea buses  (only 2E per direction) to almost all important spots on the island.

If you want to drink and enjoy the nightclubs at night you can also use the local buses – they are very convenient and can take you to almost all major beaches and party places. The public buses are the cheapest option.

The best option, though, is to rent a scooter or ATV for your whole trip – it is not that expensive and will let you experience more places during your stay. You can travel the whole island with it for less than 20 minutes from destination to destination. In single day you can combine couple of beaches, restaurants and other activities. 

!!! Take in mind that the most motorbike rental companies will require motorcycle licence or international licence.

From the airport:

If your plane is landing during the day and you dont want to wait for a taxi in the heat, it is better to book a transport in advance.

Cost $$$

Be prepared for an expensive visit in Mykonos, as it is one of the most expensive islands. The restaurants are also pretty expensive, the cheapest option to eat is the souvlaki / gyros which you can find almost everywhere on the streets.

Good to know: Drivers here can be a bit crazy and you can often see someone suddenly stopping on the street without notice, so always take extra eye on the road.



Mykonos is famous with its very beautiful sunsets and one of the best spots that you can observe that is from 180 Sunset bar. It is better to reserve a table in advance so you can have the best view. Entrance fee is 20E per person and it includes 1-drink on this price. It is a perfect place for a date or a night spent with a friend.


Beaches, salty sea breeze and windmills. This is Mykonos in a nutshell. Windmills of Mykonos are emblematic symbol of the city. They can be seen from almost everywhere on the island. There are currently 16 windmills, from which seven are positioned on the famous landmark hill in Mykonos. They symbolize the rich history of the island, before it was famous with its wild nightlife – Mykonos was a main port for milling wheat in the past.


“The Little Venice” is one of the most romantic spots in Mykonos. It is given that name because of the resemblance to the Italian city with its Venetian-style buildings.
It was in the past designed to confuse pirates, now is filled with restaurants, bars and luxury shops.


If you plan to explore the whole island, Ano Mera is definitely a place that you should pay the visit. It is a small village placed in the middle of the island, famous for the 16th century monastery Panagia Tourliani. There are a lot of traditional taverns that you should try, situated in the heart of the village.

Delos Island

This historical island is very important place in the Ancient Greek history, both politically and spiritually. Situated in the centre of the Cyclades – in the heart of the Aegean Sea. It was before a sanctuary to the god Apollo and the goddess Artemis.


Elia Beach

Elia is the longest sandy beach in Mykonos. It is great spot for beaching with the family – calm, beautiful with crystal clear water. There are a lot of taverns and bars, on which you can hang out as well.

Super Paradise Beach / Jackie’O

One of the most famous and beautiful beaches in Mykonos. It is calm and quiet through the day, but the party starts early in the afternoon. 🙂 There are a lot of gay-friendly beaches in Mykonos, but this one Especially is The spot for it, so dont be surprised:) However, Super Paradise Beach is a MUST to visit while you’re beach-hopping in Mykonos.

Ah yes, … here wearing clothes is not obligatory as well haha 😀

Agios stefanos

My number one favourite in the family friendly beaches in Mykonos. There is no loud music and if you are looking for more relaxing place, this is your spot. Furthermore it is very cost-friendly – one sunbed costed us around 20Euro per person. Just next to the beach there is very friendly restaurant with tasty typical greek food, where you can also relax and enjoy the see.

Other famous beaches that you can consider visiting:

Plati Yalos
Kalo Livadi
Paradise Beach
Psarou Beach
Panormos beach
Agia Anna Beach


In the city:

Depending on the type of trip that you want to experience – day and night parties or you just want to have family oriented trip with taking the time to relax, Mykonos has a great choice of options that you can choose from.

During our stay on the island we decided to try both of the options – our first 4 nights we spend in the city and the rest of the trip we were in the island itself. The benefits of being in the heart of the city is that everything is so close to you – shops, restaurants, the beautiful churches and windmills of the town.

We stayed at Nazos Hotel and it provides amazing view of the sunset, combined with glass of wine it provides you with the best romantic experience for two in the evenings..

Location: Mykonos Town/Hotel Nazos 1

Accommodation: B&B

Price Range: $ / $$$

In the island:

For the second part of our trip we chose to stay in villa in the island itself. If you want more quiet place to stay, this is the best option. Furthermore, this type of hotels and villas outside of the city provides spectacular view of the whole island and Aegean sea. If you decide to rent that type of hotels or villas, you may consider renting a transport as well in order to smoothly travel through the island.

Location: Mykonos Island / Louis Villa
Accommodation: Airbnb

Price Range: $ / $$$


Mykonos Island is completely iconic place to visit, Instagramable places are around every corner. The town is pretty lovely with its white stone alleys, the charming blue shutters, the famous windmills and the numerous dining options. Whether you go there for party or relax, you will leave Mykonos wishing you had more time to spend on the island.

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