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Lausanne | Travel Guide


What makes Lausanne such an alluring destination for tourists? Let’s see together! Lausanne is a piece of paradise, located in Western Switzerland. Notice its great location – on the shore next to Lake Geneva.

Lausanne is a beautiful city consisting of two halves. How delightful! In the old town, you can enjoy churches with a historical history, as well as unusual houses that will catch your eye. The other half of the neat city is called the waterfront. There you can walk in parks that look like castles. If you are looking for the traditional touch of Switzerland, you have it! Superb mountain landscapes and irresistible chocolate are just some of the pictures that will captivate you. If you are a fan of nightlife, I guarantee that you will find many crazy clubs and discos.

What to expect in Lausanne:

Language: French

Currency: CHF Franks

Climate: Continental, with wet and cold winters and hot summers.

Payments: as in Europe

Travel Tip:

One week is totally enough to see all the magic of Lausanne and get to know the city’s culture up close.

Getting around Lausanne

Public transport:

This is definitely the best and fastest option for you. You will be amazed at the perfect accuracy of the timetables.

For the convenience of all residents, there are direct trains that travel from most airports and reach different parts of the city. This is definitely a great option.

MetroThe Lausanne metro is extremely innovative and this makes it a preferred transport option. The M2 line, or better known as la Ficelle, runs from the banks of Ouchy to the Gare CFF and the city center. The end of the line is at the Croisettes.

Boat tour – Want an unforgettable cruise? Tour Lausanne by rowing boat or pedal boat. I promise you a breathtaking view and an adventurous experience.


Olympic Museum + Olympic Park

A must visit is the Olympic Museum located in the beautiful Olympic Park. Imagine – there are about 10,000 exhibits in the museum that you can see. Feel the sporting thrill and grandeur of achievement by visiting this wonderful world of sports.

Cathedral of Lausanne (+ Viewpoint from the cathedral)

Treat yourself to a majestic view from the imposing cathedral of Lausanne. I can honestly say that the view is totally worth it, as you will be able to see the whole city and the Gothic style of the ancient cathedral will captivate you.

Botanical Garden

Anyone looking for solitude and peace in nature must visit the Botanical Garden of Lausanne. This place will provide you with complete harmony and contact with nature, and the greenery will improve your mood. During your walk in the garden, you will notice whimsical tropical and carnivorous plants in different varieties. You can’t miss the majesty of the tree.

For many years the museum has been home to a number of selected and endangered plant species.


Attention all marine explorers – don’t waste time and quickly visit the Lausanne Aquarium. This is actually the largest aquarium in Europe. Aquatis does not only consist of aquariums, but also of vivariums. Explore and explore the vast fauna with fabulous views and thousands of marine species!

Promenade Derrière-Bourg

If you are tired of walking in Lausanne, I suggest you rest in a magical place – the Derrière-Bourg avenue. Extremely popular and a famous alley, but unfortunately all the benches are almost always occupied, especially if the weather is sunny. I can safely say that this is a wonderful oasis.

Sauvabelin Zoo

Located near the hills of Lausanne, Zoo Sovabelin is suitable for a family visit, especially if you have a small child. The zoo is really a nice place where you can enjoy different types of animals including goats, ducks, different birds and mammals. An interesting fact is that the animals roam freely and thus you can photograph them in close-up.

Eole Sculpture

Add to your list of places to visit Éole, located on the breakwater of the marina of ‘Ouchy. The sculpture resembles a huge weather vane in the shape of a “C”. The composition looks quite difficult and contains many elements.

Thai Pavilion

The Royal Thai Pavilion is right on the shores of Lake Geneva. Its design is definitely stunning and will grab your attention. The pavilion is a gift on the occasion of 75 years of relations with Thailand. What makes an impression at first glance is the colorful and rich decoration of the pavilion, as well as the bright golden color that shines from afar. Grab your cell phone and take a picture!

Museum of Zoology

The Zoological Museum has a rich collection of animals collected from all over the world. If you visit the museum you will have the unique chance to see the largest stuffed great white shark! Just imagine the size I’m talking about! As a visitor, you will be able to watch a free clip of the major groups of vertebrates.

In a specially separated room you can take a look at the anatomy of skeletons and specimens. Finally, I want to add the presence of collections of insects that are unique in their kind. And how about giving your child an unforgettable birthday at the museum, including games with treasures and lots of interesting activities? Yes, you can do it at the museum!

Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts

You have hardly ever been to a more impressive place than the Museum of Fine Arts! The new museum in Lausanne is located near the train station. The museum aims to express the memory of the site as well as its old condition. You will be surprised how many geometric figures are present in its construction. The design structure is more than perfect and this can be seen with the naked eye. The prominent three-story parallelepiped preserves the spirit of the past, and the high facades are a symbol of grandeur.

The museum has specially made fins that have the function of keeping the sun’s rays from entering the object in places that are sensitive. On the ground floor is the reception, a gallery for temporary exhibitions. If you are tired from the walk – sit in the cafe or restaurant or read a book in the bookstore.


I wholeheartedly recommend that you choose Lausanne as your next destination. In this picturesque town, you will find many exciting activities to make your stay truly unforgettable!

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