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Welcome to DUBAI, UAE

Dubai! What a wonderful destination! I am more than sure that there is no person who doesn’t want to visit Dubai at least once in his life. If you say the opposite, I will consider it a lie. We all know that Dubai is city and capital of the emirate of Dubai, which is one of the wealthiest of the seven emirates that constitute the federation of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is a full of skyscrapers, ports, and so many beautiful and clean beaches. Definitely, this is a place, where big business takes place. I can say that religious affiliations are not an important part of city life.

Global Village

View from the “180 Sunset Bar”

What to expect in Dubai:

Language: The official language is Arabic, but English is used as a second language.

CurrencyUnited Arab Emirates dirham (AED).

Climate: Dubai has a year-round hot climate.

Payments: You can pay in cash, but for sure you have to bring a credit card.

Travel Tip:

Uber is a rather expensive option for getting around, as opposed to long-term car rental services, which are much more cost-effective. If your hotel is outside the central part, it is advisable to rent a car.

Getting around Dubai


Taxis are the most efficient way of getting around Dubai.  You have to know one thing about taxi rides in Dubai – they aren’t expensive at all! Rates depend on the distance, and traffic, of course, but definitely the prices are very low.


This is the cheapest way of getting around Dubai. Their metro is different because as most of its rails are above ground. At this way, passengers had an opportunity to see views of Dubai’s famous Sheikh Zayed Road, where are the most famous buildings. The Dubai Metro has two routes that travel in a straight line through town.



Booking a ride through a phone app has become increasingly popular in Dubai. Careem is an app for calling a car, and it’s like Uber, where passengers can get a car to their location with only one click of a button.  Careem is more expensive, but it provides nicer cars and sometimes amenities.



Burj Khalifa is a top destination that is definitely at the top of the list of attractions! The impressive size and grandeur of the tallest building in the world will impress you and you will instantly want to take thousands of pictures. This is a must stop. Mass tickets are for climbing to the 124 / 125th floor, including dinner, which in my opinion is not worth it. The price of this ticket is 80 euros, and ONLY the climb to the highest floors of the skyscraper – 40 euros. A better place for dinner are the restaurants around the fountains, and my favorite is Armani Ristorante. The view is magnificent! Definitely number one “must” place to visit when in Dubai

DUBAI Fountains + Fashion Avenue Park

One of Dubai’s most unmissable attractions is watching the Dubai Fountain Show! As you know, the fountain in is the world’s largest musical fountain, which has its own choreography. The fountains turn on every 30 minutes. You have to see with your own eyes this amazing show!

Fashion Avenue is a truly luxurious addition to the huge Dubai Mall, which offers you over 200 luxury brands of world-famous fashion designers.


Want to go shopping? I know the right place! This is the Dubai Mall, of course! I bet the ladies will be most pleased with this idea. It is the second largest mall in the world after Iran. Imagine the variety of shops and attractions I’m talking about! I want to note that the mall is located next to the Burj Khalifa. The mall was built in an extremely short time.

Want to visit one of the largest and most incredible aquariums in the world? Okay! Then don’t miss the giant 10 million-litre tank at the Dubai Aquarium. It contains more than 33,000 aquatic animals. You can find it on third floor of The Dubai Mall. This aquarium is the most popular attraction. You can enjoy it! The aquarium is relatively small and you can see it for a short time, but make sure to book your tickets in advance, so you can skip the line.

Safari Park Dubai

Give yourself an adventurous experience by visiting Dubai Safari Park! I want to add: be sure to spend a whole day visiting. Dubai Safari Park is a wildlife park. A must-visit for everyone, who loves animals. You can find also many interactive programs and on this way you can learn a lot for the different type of exotic animals. For those of you who are totally in love wild animals, I guarantee this will be the best spot of your journey!

Dubai Butterfly Garden + Miracle Garden

You are fan of flowers and butterflies? So, this place is made to bring you joy and happiness. Enjoy the most beautiful gardens in the world. The Dubai Miracle Garden is the largest natural flower garden in the world with a panoramic view. The Dubai Butterfly Garden is an magical oasis, where you can see most beautiful and amazing butterflies! Combined tickets are also available, and the best option is to visit them together.

Dubai Safari

You should definitely visit it when you are in Dubai. The experiences you can enjoy are: desert camel riding, quad bike riding, sandboard surfing, barbecue dinner with traditional food at a Bedouin camp. The program includes music and traditional dervish dances and oriental dances.

GLOBAL Village

I’m tired of telling you one and the same, but if I have to be honest – you must visit that place, too! Global Village is probably the first family destination for culture, entertainment and shopping. This is a unique destination, created to enjoy the world’s finest shopping, dining and entertainment experiences. You can see a lot of events, shows and activities. It offers many fun surprises to his of guests.

Museum of the Future

Museum of the Future, how sounds! The Museum of the Future combines elements of exhibition, theatre and themed attraction. He delicately  inviting you to look beyond the present to the possible, but I’ll stop at here, so you can feel it by your own.

Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame is a landmark located in Zabeel Park. He holds the record for the largest shot in the world. The Guardian describes it as “the largest picture frame on the planet”. Believe me, it’s impressive!

Dubai Glow Garden

That is the most fantastic theme park that enhances your creation and Imagination. You can enjoy 3 amazing theme parks at one place.


Saya Cafe

If you are looking for a neat and amazing place, this restaurant is for you! Saya Brasserie has a wonderful menu and an atmosphere worthy of influencers. Saya Brasserie is a concept with American snacks, hearty lunches, delicious dinners and many beautiful cakes.


Asia Asia

Exquisite atmosphere, elegance and silkiness await you in this amazing restaurant. The dishes are prepared by the best chefs and are a real delight for our senses.

Amazonico Dubai 

One of my favourite restaurants that I will highly recommend to you.. Wide variety of Latin American dishes – from raw seafood to carefully grilled meats – you can enjoy the good food in a jungle “amazon” atmosphere.


Billionaire Dubai

This is the right place for unforgettable nights. Immerse yourself in a luxurious atmosphere filled with many pleasant emotions.


The Farm Restaurant, Al Barari

The Farm serves tasty food in a relaxed setting. You can drink your coffee surrounded by an atmosphere of botanical gardens and variety of flowers.

Ce La Vie Dubai

Enjoy Asian cuisine and a pleasant atmosphere in the heart of Dubai.




Drift Beach Dubai is a luxurious beachside club. It’s well known for its night scene and beautiful lounge. Prepare your beach oil, swimsuit and towel and enjoy a wonderful sunny day.



This beach is my personal favourite. This clean, amazing beach has plenty of facilities, including showers, toilets and changing rooms. The Beach at JBR has a lot of restaurants and enterteiment for kids. Enjoy the most clean water, you’ve ever seen.


This is a private beach with unique atmosphere. You can find very tasty food and a lot of coctails in the bars. Make sure to book in advance.


La Mer beach

Ladies, there are a lot of shops and cafes at this beach. Also near the beach is the famous and beautiful Jumeirah mosque where you can get by 10 min walk from the beach.

La Piscina by palazzo Versace

Very nice and fast service. The prices are: AED 200 for gents and AED 100 for ladies for sunbeds and foods and beverages included.  Beautiful and clean pool and be careful – don’t forget to make sure to book in advance.


The First Collection at Jumeirah Village

Beautiful hotel with a nice view, friendly stuff and good buffet. There is located very nice pool and service overall, situated outside of the downtown, so renting a car while your stay here is the best option.


I highly recommend a trip to Dubai. If you are still thinking about where to spend your summer vacation, grab your phone and make a reservation for Dubai! You will get an incomparable vacation that you will talk about for a long time.

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