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Is it time for the long-awaited vacation? Right away, I’m going to share with you a fabulous place that you should definitely visit. It’s about Bern. 

Bern is the capital of Switzerland. You will surely have a wonderful time spent there and you will have the opportunity to soak up various elements of history, architectural buildings and many cultural heritages. Let’s start our virtual tour of Bern together!

What to expect in Bern:

Language: German and French

Currency: Swiss Franks

Climate: Continental, with wet and cold winters and warm summers.

Payments: You can pay cash or by credit card

Interesting Fact:

Bern is famous for producing the world’s most famous chocolate – Toblerone.


Baren Park

In this clean and pleasant park of as much as 6000 square meters, you will have the opportunity to walk through the green landscapes, and along with the walk you will also receive a pleasant surprise – several bears that have been released right under the bridge located below your location. These adorable bears can be spotted eating sweets, swimming or playing with each other. With a little luck, you will witness all of this!

Swim in the Aare river

Dive into the crystal waters of the Aare River! I dare say the river is extremely popular for its swimming tradition. It was she who brought incredible fame to the whole city. Bern definitely has a natural wealth in the face of the Aare, as the most important factor for it is the incredibly clean water. There are specially designated bathing areas where you can safely swim. 

See Gurten

It is impossible, if you have reached Bern, not to visit the Gurten Mountain. Gurten is possibly one of the most famous sights in the area, and according to statistics, it is visited by thousands of tourists every year. From the top of the mountain, you can observe spacious horizons and rich green areas that will immediately capture your attention. When it comes to the air, it is needless to mention the freshness that you will experience in this place. Naturally, the green areas are majestic and I assure you that the place is suitable for a cool walk and for a few photos in the beautiful nature. A variety of plants and small insects have settled permanently in this place, and the trees have wonderful crowns.

See The Old town

The Old Town is a historic landmark that has delighted tourists and residents alike for years. At first glance, you can notice the tall buildings that have subsequently replaced the old ones, since in the past a part of this area was completely destroyed by fire. If you’re looking for a place to relax, it won’t be difficult for you – cafes and restaurants are lurking around every corner. The imposing appearance of the buildings is a characteristic feature of Bern. There are a total of eleven Renaissance fountains throughout the center! I challenge you to find them!



I was very impressed by the Zytglogge (Clock Tower) in the Old Town of Bern. Bears, a rooster and other whimsical animals appear every hour from the tower, which are a joy for the eyes of young and old every day. I cannot easily describe the atmosphere of this place, but I suggest you feel it yourself by visiting this landmark. You have the opportunity to walk among the thick walls of the tower, which will take you back in time.

The cathedral of Bern 

Even if you have already visited the Bern Cathedral, you would certainly like to see it live again. Those of you who have not yet seen this architectural wonder with your own eyes – do it! I warn you that the height may seem a little dangerous, but that’s just the beginning. There are a total of 254 steps to the bell tower, but I remind you again: do not climb them if you do not feel in good physical shape. At the top of the cathedral, you will have fabulous views of the Bernese Forest. I highly recommend embarking on this journey!

Bern Historical Museum

If you are still thirsty for new and new historical knowledge, then immediately orient yourself to a visit to the Bern Historical Museum. In it you will see clearly excavations that date back to the Stone Age, various Egyptian customs and heritages. This museum has valuable artefacts and exhibits and this makes it a historical site of priceless importance. I make a special note: Look around for vintage exhibits that were traditional to the city’s past. Continuing your tour you will be able to enjoy Renaissance and Baroque treasures and expositions.

Einstein house

Here’s a really curious landmark in Bern: the Einstein House. It is a known fact that he lived in the city for some time in a wonderful apartment, which is located near the Clock Tower. To date, the apartment is occupied of tourists who want to get to know the past and touch the life of the genius. The room is furnished in exactly the same style as it was years ago, accentuating interesting facts from Einstein’s life. I direct you to visit this wondrous place and awaken your spirit of exploration.


What can I say as a summary of this beautiful city? I am of the opinion that Bern should definitely be on your travel bucket list. If you want to learn interesting things and transport yourself to different time eras, then be sure that this is your place!

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