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Welcome to Corfu, Greece

Corfu – a hidden gem, located in the north Ionian Sea off the west coast of mainland Greece. This beautiful island has a lot to offer – from rich history to warm and welcoming locals, as well as picturesque pedestrian boulevards. But what keeps the visitors coming back is the incredible coastline.

I spend a week on the beautiful island enjoying its iconic beaches, landscapes and restaurants and I am sharing the best impressions from this Ionian island below.

Picturesque streets of Kassiopi


Porto Timoni from above

What to expect in Corfu:

Language: Greek is the official language, but English is widely spoken.

Currency: Euro (€) is the official currency.

Climate: Best times to visit Corfu are from April to May and September to November.

Payments: Most of the restaurants and hotels accept credit/bank card payments, but you can also be prepared with some more cash for small purchases: transportation, tips and etc. Corfu, compared to the other tourist islands in Greece is much cheaper.

Travel Tip: Corfu is a big island and to take the most of it, you would need around 5 days to visit and enjoy the best places. It is better to rent a car, instead of public transport or scooter.

Getting around Corfu

Public Transport:

The local buses cover most areas. It is economical way to get around, but watch out for the reduced weekend services.

Hiring a car:

The best option if you would like to take the most of your visit. There are dozens of car rental companies in Corfu, and most of them will deliver your car to the airport or to the place that you are staying.

From the airport:

The airport in situated in the city – just a couple of kilometres south of the city centre.

By scooter or bike:

Cycling is huge in Corfu, as well as there are many scooter drivers. The island is bike-friendly, so you will definitely enjoy that option if you are fan of the off-track interior and want to explore more.

Good to know:

The roads are in decent condition, but expect a lot of windy and scary mountain roads.



Arguably the most picturesque village of the island, located 23 km Northwest of Corfu town. The word “Paleokastitsa” literally means “old fortress”. You can rent a boat there and enjoy the vivid blue water, swim and explore the nearest caves.

Porto Timoni

This is maybe the most famous attraction in all of Crete – the double beach of Porto Timoni. Although the two beaches are very close to each other, they are in fact very different – in the color of their waters and even their temperature. The small one is called Limni and the big one is Porto Timoni.

Vlacherna Monastery

This beautiful monastery sits out on the water on an island of its own. It is actually connected to the mainland by a pedestrian bridge that crosses the way. It is very close to the Corfu airport, so you have the unique chance to take a photo with the landing airplanes above you.

Cape Drastis

Stunning beach, surrounded by towering rock cliffs. The beach is picturesque and can be found in a lush green landscape, it is also a great place to go for diving. The view from above can be easily accessed by a car.

Paleokastritsa Monastery

It is very historic museum dating back to the 13th century. It has been destroyed and rebuilt numerous times of the years. Nowadays, it is active monastery with monks living there full time. From the monastery you can see stunning views of the nearby areas.


Canal D’Amour

Natural masterpiece, created by the corrosive effect of the water and the air above the cliff made of sandstone. There is a legend that says couples who swim the length of the canal will stay in love forever.

Corfu Town

This UNESCO-listed old town is a must to visit. With its neoclassical houses, traditional churches and lots of museums are just some of the reasons for your stay here. Corfu Town is divided in two areas – The old fortress and the New Fortress – both of them will travel you back in Byzantine and Venetian times.


Achilion Palace

The palace of empress Sissy – it was built in 1890, in order to help empress Sissy to recover in Corfu, during a period in which her health was weak. The name “Achilion” comes from her favourite Ancient Greek hero – Achilles. Impressive statues of his are placed around the palace.


Corfu is extremely beautiful island, as well as the Corfu Town itself. I stayed one week on the island and explored the best part of it. We were told that the southern half of Corfu is not so beautiful and not worth visiting and that’s why we didnt venture south, but who knows – everyone could be wrong!

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